NYSUT President’s Response In The New York Times

NYSUT President’s response in the NYTimes:

To the Editor:

The Common Core in New York” (editorial, Feb. 15) criticizes teachers for raising legitimate concerns, in concert with parents, about the state’s botched job in carrying out the Common Core standards.

New York teachers and our union have always supported high standards for students and educators, and saw real potential in the Common Core. But it became clear — to teachers, principals, parents and lawmakers — that the state Education Department’s flawed efforts to put the standards into practice compromised the validity of Common Core testing and subsequent high-stakes decisions affecting students and teachers.

You dismiss these concerns because “only 1 percent of teachers were rated ineffective.” But if the tests are flawed, the results are flawed, regardless of how few teachers or students are harmed.

The testing avalanche that has so many parents and teachers concerned began with the state Education Department, not with educators. The Education Department issued guidance to districts to measure students through pretests, post-tests and numeric scores and then approved this hyper-testing.

The Regents recently proposed overdue course corrections but didn’t go far enough. Our union will continue to press for a full moratorium on testing consequences for students and teachers.. New York must get the new standards right before making them count.

President, N.Y. State United Teachers
Albany, Feb. 20, 2014



Jan Mackey Memorial Car Wash Fundraiser








What: A car wash with proceeds to honor Jan Mackey

When: Saturday, April 5th from 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m

Where: Roanoke Ave. Elementary School

Why: The RCFA is collecting funds to purchase books for the Phillips Avenue library in the name of Jan Mackey; longtime teacher, friend, coach, and building representative, who we lost recently.

Who: We need YOU to volunteer an hour or two of your time that day!

Please RSVP to: gary.karlson@riverhead.net with what time(s) you plan on volunteering so

we can make sure our event is properly staffed and represented by the RCFA!

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Module Humor

This was shared by Donna Verbeck!

In an ideal world, this would be the only module that we would be talking about as educators.

RCFA Scholarship Applications Are Now Available!

RCFA 2014 scholarship applications are now available in the Guidance Department.

The RCFA has 4 scholarships that students can apply for.   The application deadline for all scholarships is Friday, April 25, 2014!

Get the application here:  RCFA scholarships 2014


Scholarship Information

Riverhead Central Faculty Association Terri Peters Memorial Scholarship

Criteria: Student must plan to attend a 2 or 4 year college with an intended major in Education.

Riverhead Central Faculty Association Community Service Award

Criteria: Student has demonstrated a strong commitment to community service and plans to attend a 2 or 4 year college.

Riverhead Central Faculty Association Character and Citizenship Award

Criteria: Student must demonstrate good citizenship and good character and plan to attend a 2 or 4 year college.

Riverhead Central Faculty Association Vocational and Technical Education Scholarship

Criteria: Awarded to a student who plans to attend a college or vocational school and pursue a career in a vocational or technical field.


Be Part Of National Action Day!

RCFA Members,
Thanks to all of you who attended the Commissioner King Rally in Eastport South Manor on Tuesday, November 26th. For those of you who were there, I’m sure it was an eye opening experience to hear King speak and observe him “listen” to the speakers. There are many questions that are not getting answered. 
It’s clear that public education is under attack in this country.  From malignant corporate interests, to the politicians those interests control, our adversaries are many. 
In the past few months, tremendous work has been done.  We have stood up to SED, the Regents and the politicians.  NYSUT has held successful rallies – during the summer and at the front door of an influential politician.  The recent Commissioner Forums in Suffolk received significant media coverage throughout the state and beyond.  
As you may know, next Monday December 9th is the National Day of Action – It’s our opportunity to add our voices to countless others across the nation to reclaim the promise of public education
This one is really easy…all you need to on Monday is 3 things:
1-Wear blue! It’s the color of solidarity across the nation, showing that we support public education. 
2-Sign the letter. Tell the Board of Regents and Commissioner King why you’re wearing blue on Dec. 9. Tell them to commit to New Year’s resolutions for 2014 to help us reclaim the promise of public education.
3- If you haven’t done so, please go to the NYSUT MAC(Member Action Center) https://mac.nysut.org/ or download the app on your smartphone. It takes less than 1 minute to send faxes to elected officials. It’s a great way to easily let the elected officials in NYS know how you feel on different issues.
Thank you for taking the time to stand up for our students and all of the students in NYS.
I am hopeful that all of this will result in meaningful change in Albany. 

Harlem Wizards Fundraiser Was a Huge Success!

Thank you to everyone who helped to make our Harlem Wizards fundraiser a HUGE success!  We raised nearly $8000 for our RCFA scholarship fund!  A special thank you goes to Greg Wallace for tirelessly organizing the event.  If you know Greg, you know he loves planning big events and taking care of every detail!  He could not have planned this without the help of at least 50 teachers!  We also had more than 25 players participating in the actual basketball game including teachers, administrators, security, custodial staff and Board members!  We couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you!
We also had a great deal of support from the community and we thank our sponsors and supporters for that as well!  A list of supporters will be posted soon, so check for more details as soon as I have them!


Renowned basketball entertainment group The Harlem Wizards will perform at the Riverhead High gymnasium on Thursday, November 14 in a fundraiser to benefit the Riverhead Central Faculty Association (RCFA) Scholarship Fund, which awarded more than 15 deserving RHS seniors with scholarships in the most recent school year alone.

The Harlem Wizards

According to their website, The Harlem Wizards are celebrating their 50th year of performances in which “fans see amazing basketball talentcombined with hilarious comedy. The athleticism, tricks, fancy teamwork and ball-handling wizardry, plus wild dunks not even seen in NBA games, engages and wows the most avid hoops fans. The comedy is for everybody.”
“We are delighted to offer a family-friendly, community event that will unite Riverhead in the fall, while also benefitting graduating seniors come next year,” said incoming RCFA President Lisa Goulding.
The RCFA is currently in the midst of coordinating all aspects of the event, including on-the-court participation among teachers and administrators from all school buildings and the district office.  “The teachers of Riverhead want this to be an event that shows students the sillier side of the people who are entrusted with their education.  This is about having fun, bringing everyone together, and ultimately supporting Riverhead students with scholarships,” said organizer and RHS science teacher Gregory Wallace.
Included in the planning and fundraising efforts is attracting sponsors, who can be the toe-hold for success with an event like this.  Four levels of sponsorship opportunities are available, from the “Sixth Man” for $100, which includes an acknowledgement in the program, two event tickets and an announcement at the game, to the “Slam Dunk” for $1000, limited to two sponsors and including the sponsor’s logo on the back of 1,100 game tickets, on the ticket sale website, on team shirts and displayed in the gymnasium, a full-page advertisement in the event program, four announcements during the event, and the opportunity to present a check at half-time, and eight event tickets.  Direct sponsorship interest to Mr. Wallace at rcfascholarshipfund@gmail.com.

Tickets to the events will cost $10/student and $12/general admission in advance; $12/$15 at the door if available.

The RCFA Helped Make Flanagan Rally a Success

Senator Flanagan's Rally    
Between 3:00 and 5:00 on Friday afternoon over 1000 parents, NYSUT members, administrators and school board members demonstrated outside the offices of Senator John Flanagan.  The rally, which was organized by the NYSUT Suffolk Political Action Committee, had representatives from at least 40 locals, including the RCFA. The message to our elected officials was clear.  Our members are angry and frustrated. We expect our legislators to take action that will help roll back the excessive testing and listen to the classroom teachers before trying to make sweeping changes in the public schools.

Welcome Member

Riverhead Central Faculty Association


The Riverhead Central Faculty Association (RCFA) was chartered in May of 1973.  We are also affiliated with NYSUT, our state organization and AFT/NEA, our national organizations.

The RCFA serves as the sole negotiating and bargaining agent for all certified professional employees:  teachers, guidance counselors, social workers, psychologists, librarians, speech professionals and school nurses.

The purpose of the RCFA is:

  1. Promoting the interest of public education
  2. Advancing the standards of the teaching profession
  3. Securing the conditions necessary for efficient and effective  education
  4. Promoting the welfare of its members
  5. Promoting a closer school and community relationship

We are members of New York State United Teachers (NYSUT), American Federation of Teachers (AFT), as well as the National Education Association (NEA).  Currently we have approximately 380 dedicated members.

Offices of the RCFA are located at 223 Roanoke Avenue, Riverhead, NY.  Our offices serve as meeting places for monthly Executive Board meetings and other committee meetings throughout the year. The offices also serve as the location of our Member Benefit Trust Plan.

Our members serve the almost 5,000 students of the Riverhead School District in all 7 facilities throughout the district.  We are proud to be a union of professionals who remain dedicated and determined to provide the best possible education to all of our students.

NYSUT and AFT/NEA Affiliation

                The RCFA is our local union chapter and we are part of the 600,000 members of NYSUT-New York State United Teachers.  Our national organization is the American Federation of Teachers- AFT, which is merged in New York State with the National Education Association-NEA.

Being affiliated with NYSUT provides all RCFA members with many services.  We have access to legal counsel, Labor Relations Specialists, training on new Educational initiatives, workshops, conferences and up to date information.  All members receive monthly publications now called NYSUT United, as well as access to all NYSUT Member benefits optional programs such as insurances, car rentals, travel information and mortgages at group rates.

You can visit the NYSUT official website at www.NYSUT.org and the AFT website at www.aft.org for further information with many links to valuable information.

Organization of the RCFA

                The RCFA has elected officers and building Representatives. These members form the RCFA Executive Board.  The Exec Board meets monthly to share information, foster collaboration and assist our district in all educational endeavors.

Building representatives are leaders in their individual buildings.  They assist members and administration in contract related issues and concerns and work tirelessly to advocate for their members and the children of our district.

The RCFA has 5 elected officers.  They are President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  We also have elected Delegates to the NYSUT Representative Assembly.  These delegates also attend the AFT Convention held every 2 years.  All officers and Building reps are elected every 2 years.  Nominating and voting takes place in the late spring in odd years.  All members have the opportunity to run for any office or position in our local.

The RCFA leadership team and its member’s work tirelessly to make our local union an effective, efficient and caring organization.  We strive to be well-respected  professionals, role models to students  and dedicated unionists who make  Riverhead a better place to live and work!