Executive Board

JENNIFER GUSTAVSON PHOTO | Riverhead Central Faculty Association’s newest president, Lisa Goulding, at the union’s downtown office on Roanoke Avenue with middle school social studies teacher Chris Butterfield (left) and Roanoke Elementary School third-grade teacher Gary Karlson, who were elected co-vice presidents in May.

 RCFA Executive Board
President                       Lisa Goulding
1st Vice President         Chris Butterfield
2nd Vice President        Gary Karlson
Secretary                       Cindy Woschnik
Treasurer                       Barbara Ebeling
Grievance Chair            Jeff Greenberger
Building Reps
Aquebogue –Heather Jablonsky, Xiomora White
Phillips– Kim Benkert, Charlie Gianonne
Riley– Catherine Kent, Sue Trafford
Roanoke– Jenn Barth
Pulaski– Marisa Deserio, Chris Gatz, Karen Ivins
MS– Kim Birong, Carol Kirchoff, Michelle Reed
HS-Brian Cunningham, Rob Maccone, Laural Olsen, Tm Page, Greg Wallace
NYSUT/AFT Delegates: Barbara Barosa, Lisa Goulding, Catherine Kent,
Donna Verbeck  Alternate: Rose D’Orsogna
Retirement Delegates: Gary Karlson, Rose D’Orsogna
NEA Delegate: Barbara Barosa