Helping A Friend Help Someone In Need!

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A few days ago, our building received this e-mail

“I am writing this note to ask all my friends here to think about making a not so random act of kindness today .  I am including a note below from Peggie Staib… this is in memory of her sister….. and she invited me on facebook to her event to spread kindness to others I happily joined and asked my own friends and family to help make a difference. I would like you to read Peggie’s note …

If you feel you would like to donate a box of GOOD NITES extra large girl size or you have coupons I will collect them and give them to Laura Grable for the staff….

Thank you for taking the time to read this … it will make a difference in a student’s life in this district…

Dear Friends,

April 7th marks my sister, Nancy’s 50th birthday. I’d like to think that she is hanging out on some heavenly hammock content and fulfilled! Each year, on both her anniversary and her birthday, I post something on Facebook simply asking that we all perform one random act of kindness in her memory. I think it is the very best way to honor her. This year I am asking that your act of kindness be somewhat less random. For the past few years, our good friend Laura Grable has been acting as an advocate for a little girl who was born into this world multiply handicapped. This little girl has faced many challenges, yet Laura is always amazed by her resilience. As a second grader, she is thriving in a special education setting within the Riverhead school district, in spite of her numerous handicapping conditions.

As her advocate, Laura has not only supported her mother at CSE meetings, but she has been providing transportation and support for her mother to get her to numerous doctors’ appointments, some even outside of the Riverhead area. One of the things Laura has taken on to support this little girl and her family is buying the diapers that she must wear. As you can imagine, this expense adds up for her family and we all know that Laura and Danny Grable are always willing to help anyone in need. To make a long story short I am hoping that, in honor of Nancy’s 50th birthday, we could each purchase a box of diapers OR collect coupons whenever we see them to pass on to Laura. Laura, of course, would NEVER ask for anyone to help with this. Everything she does for this little girl comes from her heart and she seeks no acknowledgment from anyone. I am sure she will be surprised and grateful for this act of kindness, especially knowing it offered in Nancy’s memory.

Thank you for considering this very special act of kindness in celebration of Nancy’s 50th!


After receiving this email, the staff collected enough money to purchase 16 boxes of diapers and a case of wipes!

Submitted by Xiomara White!

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