New NYSUT President

The NYSUT Representative Assembly (RA) was held this weekend in NYC. The RA is the gathering of the delegates from each NYSUT local across the state. At the RA, delegates debate and vote on proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws, proposed resolutions and other business. Representing the RCFA at the RA were your NYSUT delegates–Lisa Goulding, Catherine Kent, Donna Verbeck, and former RCFA president Barbara Barosa.

This year, the big news is that for the first time in 9 years, NYSUT has a new President! Karen Magee, the President of Harrison Teachers Association, defeated Dick Ianuzzi in a heated election. Karen ran with a slate of candidates, on the platform of Reviving NYSUT. The slate included NYSUT Executive Vice President -Andy Pallotta, Catalina Fortino(Vice President) from UFT, Patchogue Medford President- Paul Pecorale( Vice President), and former president of the Schoharie Teachers’ Association- Martin Messner(Secretary-Treasurer). This should prove to be interesting times, as the entire slate was elected and according to the NYSUT bylaws, take office immediately.
First Woman To Head NYSUT Promises To Be Strong Voice For Change

The delegates voted “no confidence” in the policies of State Education Commissioner John King Jr. and called for his immediate removal by the Board of Regents.
NYSUT Votes No Confidence In King

And in what is a first for the RCFA, a resolution, “The Truth About the Modules” written by Donna Verbeck, (a 4th grade teacher at Roanoke and NYSUT Delegate) was unanimously adopted. This is the first time that a resolution written by an RCFA members was submitted to be voted on at the RA. The districts listed under “submitted by” are the other districts that signed on to support Donna’s resolution. Check your email for the copy of the resolution.

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