Annual Latin Banquet News




On the evening of Thursday, March 20, the middle school cafetorium was filled to capacity with hundreds of feasting parents noisily attended by toga-clad tweenies presenting round after round of delicacies to the happy diners.  It was the Roman Banquet – an annual tradition of gustatory overindulgence that goes back generations in our school district.  What the parents and the invited administrators, the nearly one hundred and fifty participating children, and the various other banqueteers did not know, however, was that the evening’s mighty feast was being powered by a team of RCFA volunteers working like rented mules in the middle school kitchen.   As has been the case for as long as there has been a banquet, it was these teachers union members – as well as our CSEA colleagues and some incredibly helpful parents – who generously and quite voluntarily spent the long evening slaving away in the back: shuffling the dozens and dozens of hot and cold platters from the mad rush of their delivery in the late afternoon, through the insanity of the dinner hour and then the dessert course, and the late evening clean up and restoration of the middle school kitchen to its pristine condition in preparation for the next morning’s regular school day breakfast service.   What an effort was put forth by these volunteers! Lorene Custer, Latina Magistra and director of the entire event, was, as always, overwhelmed by the generosity and the stamina of her union colleagues, without whom she could never stage such a vast production. Big thanks especially to Jeff Greenberger as well as to Pat Skura, Sue Arnau, Pat Passanante, Annie Priapi, Kim Birong, Nancy King, Ed Tholl, Kristen Realander, Mindy Benze, and Chris Malanga! As the Romans would say, macte! (bravo! well done!) and many thanks to these RCFA & CSEA members who, often enough year after year, sacrifice a long and grueling evening to keep the proud Riverhead tradition of the RMS Roman Banquet alive and very well, indeed!

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