Get Those FLEX Forms In!

Get those FLEX Plan and the Sele-Dent Reimbursement forms in soon.  The deadline for both forms is March 31! 

The Sele-Dent Reimbursement form is the same green form that you have been submitting for years.  You should have received a copy in your school mailbox and Lisa Goulding has emailed you copies as well.  Print it out, fill it out,  attach your co-pay claims and mail it to the address on the form.  This is a benefit you have been receiving from our union.  Make sure to take advantage of it!

(Did you know that you can go to your local pharmacy or doctor’s office and ask them to print a summary of your co-pays for 2013?  It’s that easy!  Just make a copy for your records and attach that to the reimbursement form!)

Remember that you have a second benefit form to fill out for the school district as well.  You can find this on the school website at  Go to Quick Links — Staff Access–Employee Info–Flex Benefit Claim Form 2013.  You need to have the Explanation of Benefits form from the insurance company for claims dated between 9-1-2-13 through 12-31-2-13 to attach.  (Again…keep a copy of everything you send in!)  This gets mailed to the Benefits Department at District Office.  (I know!  Who knew we had an entire Benefits Department?!)

(Did you know that you can set up an account at  where you can print copies of these Explanation of Benefit forms to attach and send in!  So simple!  No need to dig through a file full of these things that you have stuffed in a drawer…or maybe your filing system is tidier than mine!)

If you decided to take advantage of the FLEX Plan for the 2014 school year, you will find those claim forms in the same place on the school website.  (My goal is to send them in on a monthly basis so I don’t have 50 forms to fill out in one weekend just before they are due.  It sounds good, right?!)  The 2014 forms will no doubt be due by next March 31, 2015.

Remember that we all have this as a new benefit with this contract.  Make sure you take advantage of this.  I realize that it’s more paper work to fill out, but again…it’s money in your pocket!


Here are two final tips that I have for you today:

  1. When your kids go off to college and you need to send them with their own copy of the health insurance card, you request those through our Benefits Department at the District Office.  It will take about 2 weeks to receive the cards once you request them.  (As I recall, I may have had to fill out a form to request them at the DO.  It was quick and easy to do.)
  2. If you have kids in college still covered by your health insurance, you need to send a letter each January to United Health Care stating that your child is in fact a full time student at XX University for the current year.  This will ensure that the claims they inevitably end up filing will actually be covered.  Believe it or not, they just need the letter, no documentation was required.  Just remember to do that each January for each child that you have in college!

Happy day!


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