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Riverhead Central Faculty Association


The Riverhead Central Faculty Association (RCFA) was chartered in May of 1973.  We are also affiliated with NYSUT, our state organization and AFT/NEA, our national organizations.

The RCFA serves as the sole negotiating and bargaining agent for all certified professional employees:  teachers, guidance counselors, social workers, psychologists, librarians, speech professionals and school nurses.

The purpose of the RCFA is:

  1. Promoting the interest of public education
  2. Advancing the standards of the teaching profession
  3. Securing the conditions necessary for efficient and effective  education
  4. Promoting the welfare of its members
  5. Promoting a closer school and community relationship

We are members of New York State United Teachers (NYSUT), American Federation of Teachers (AFT), as well as the National Education Association (NEA).  Currently we have approximately 380 dedicated members.

Offices of the RCFA are located at 223 Roanoke Avenue, Riverhead, NY.  Our offices serve as meeting places for monthly Executive Board meetings and other committee meetings throughout the year. The offices also serve as the location of our Member Benefit Trust Plan.

Our members serve the almost 5,000 students of the Riverhead School District in all 7 facilities throughout the district.  We are proud to be a union of professionals who remain dedicated and determined to provide the best possible education to all of our students.

NYSUT and AFT/NEA Affiliation

                The RCFA is our local union chapter and we are part of the 600,000 members of NYSUT-New York State United Teachers.  Our national organization is the American Federation of Teachers- AFT, which is merged in New York State with the National Education Association-NEA.

Being affiliated with NYSUT provides all RCFA members with many services.  We have access to legal counsel, Labor Relations Specialists, training on new Educational initiatives, workshops, conferences and up to date information.  All members receive monthly publications now called NYSUT United, as well as access to all NYSUT Member benefits optional programs such as insurances, car rentals, travel information and mortgages at group rates.

You can visit the NYSUT official website at www.NYSUT.org and the AFT website at www.aft.org for further information with many links to valuable information.

Organization of the RCFA

                The RCFA has elected officers and building Representatives. These members form the RCFA Executive Board.  The Exec Board meets monthly to share information, foster collaboration and assist our district in all educational endeavors.

Building representatives are leaders in their individual buildings.  They assist members and administration in contract related issues and concerns and work tirelessly to advocate for their members and the children of our district.

The RCFA has 5 elected officers.  They are President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  We also have elected Delegates to the NYSUT Representative Assembly.  These delegates also attend the AFT Convention held every 2 years.  All officers and Building reps are elected every 2 years.  Nominating and voting takes place in the late spring in odd years.  All members have the opportunity to run for any office or position in our local.

The RCFA leadership team and its member’s work tirelessly to make our local union an effective, efficient and caring organization.  We strive to be well-respected  professionals, role models to students  and dedicated unionists who make  Riverhead a better place to live and work!

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