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RCFA Scholarship Fundraiser at Ralph’s Italian Ices

The RCFA Scholarship Fund’s fundraiser at Ralph’s Italian Ices was a huge success. Thank you to all of our  “scoopers”  for volunteering their  time.  We had a great representation from across the district and all of us had a great time! We also had many RCFA members and their families  I’ve included just a few pictures of the day for you to enjoy!rcfa_ice1 rcfa_ice2 rcfa_ice3 rcfa_ice5 rcfa_ioe4

Submitted by Donna Verbeck

Upcoming Events

I hope you all are having a great first day of school.
Here is some info on the upcoming events that we spoke about yesterday.
Thanks to all of you who contributed to the food drive. The food pantry was very grateful, as their supplies were dwindling. Because of the great response, we are going to continue the food drive through next Tuesday. So if you forgot or didn’t get to the bus to drop off your food, please give it to a building rep in your building by Tuesday.
Joe’s Garage Friday, September 5th from 2:30-6ish. The RCFA will be providing appetizers.
Please RSVP as soon as possible
Save the date…Sunday, September 21st from 12-3.
The North Fork Breast Health Coalition’s, 5K walk for Breast Cancer Awareness is Sunday, September 28 from 8-11. If you are willing to coordinate a team for your building, please let me know. If you are interested in walking, save the date! We will be sending out the sponsorship form shortly.
And here is the last request for RCFA shirts. If you still haven’t completed this survey, it’s your last chance! I will be placing the order on Friday.

Support The RCFA Food Drive

Support the RCFA food drive by bringing in non-perishable foods! 


A Message From Our President:

Hi All,
I hope that you are enjoying the last few days of summer.
Thanks to all of the elementary teachers who joined us for the Kindergarten Ice Cream Socials today. I know that many of you were busy setting up your classrooms and I appreciate you taking time to welcome the children and helping to alleviate some parental concerns.

Just a quick RCFA update….

Please remember to bring non-perishable food items for what I hope will become an annual food drive to help those in the Riverhead community who are less fortunate.

The RCFA will be hosting another get together at Joe’s Garage. Please join us on Friday, September 5th from 2:30-6ish. The RCFA will supply the appetizers.

Save the date North Fork Breast Health Coalition 16th Annual Tanger 5K Walk will be held on Sunday, September 28, 2014 from 7:30 am – 11 am. More info to follow.

The RCFA will be providing each member with an RCFA shirt and I need your size. If you did not complete the survey in June or over the summer, here it is again….

See you on Tuesday!

A Message From Our Vice President!

Hi Everyone, and Happy 2014/15 School Year!
The RCFA food drive is ready to receive your donation on Tuesday morning.  The District has provided a bus for us to fill and we will deliver the food immediately following the RCFA portion of the opening ceremonies.
I spoke to a very grateful gentleman, Tony, at Helping Hands on Roanoke Avenue, and he will be waiting for the delivery.  He stressed how bare the pantry shelves currently are, and his appreciation of our anticipated donation was quite evident.
Let’s make his day!

RCFA Budget and Election Information

Dear RCFA Members,

I want to share some information regarding the upcoming budget vote and elections for open positions.


At the end of this school year, Barbara Ebeling will be retiring as treasurer of the RCFA. Barbara has served as the RCFA treasurer for almost 2 decades. She has agreed to work with the new treasurer over the next year in order to ease the transition.

If you are interested in running for the position to complete the remainder of her term(July1 2014-last day of school 2015), please complete the declaration of intent, have it endorsed by two RCFA members and return it to Jeff Greenberger at the HS by April 30th.


NYSTRS Delegate Special Election

There is an opening for a delegate and an alternate delegate to the NYS Teachers Retirement System

Delegates attend a two-day annual meeting held in November at which a teacher member is elected to the NYSTRS Board. The delegate is responsible for conveying information to the membership. The delegate may also act as a liaison between NYSTRS and the members of their school district/college.

                Delegates have two main functions:

  • To elect a teacher member to the Retirement Board at the Annual Delegates Meeting; and,
  • To serve as a liaison between NYSTRS and the delegate’s co-workers.

The alternate delegate does not attend unless the delegate is unable to attend.

If you are interested in running for the position to complete the remainder of the term(July1 2014-last day of school 2015), please complete the  declaration of intent, have it endorsed by two RCFA members and return it to Jeff Greenberger at the HS by April 30th.


The 2014-2015 budget will be available in your buildings after vacation. While NYSUT dues increased $12 and AFT dues increased $.45, the RCFA dues will be decreasing $12.45 to make up the difference. Chris, Gary and I thought it was important that dues remain the same and worked to reduce the budget by $4731 so we could reduce RCFA dues and keep the total dues the same.


The elections will be held on May, 13, the same day we vote on the RCFA budget.

We will be holding meetings about the budget prior to the vote.

If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact me.


Lisa Goulding

RCFA President

 Note:  See your email for the Declaration of Intent forms.


Take Action!

Dear RCFA Members,


On Monday April 28th, Andrew Cuomo will be the guest speaker at the Suffolk County Democratic Committee Spring dinner, being held at Villa Lombardi’s in Holbrook. 


In response, the RCFA will be joining with other locals to picket and rally outside to make sure that the governor hears our voices.


This is a perfect opportunity to make Cuomo aware of just how angry we are and to make Suffolk County Democrats aware that they can no longer support his failed policies regarding education, as well as the 2% tax cap that is and will destroy public education. Many of these elected officials have used the excuse for some of their votes that “the Governor put a lot of pressure on us.” It’s time that we put pressure on them to do the right thing because our professions, our children, our students, and our communities depend on it. We would like to have a huge turnout and make our voices heard loud and clear that enough is enough!


When: Monday, April 28th at 4PM

Where: Villa Lombardi’s;  877 Main Street; Holbrook, NY 11741  

Who: YOU – no excuses; we need a big turnout (for the elementary teachers, coaches and anyone else who can’t make it by 4, the dinner starts at 6 so please show up when you can. If you can’t stay for long, then just stop by for a little while).


I look forward to standing with you as we stand up for public education.



Helping A Friend Help Someone In Need!

News from Aquebogue


A few days ago, our building received this e-mail

“I am writing this note to ask all my friends here to think about making a not so random act of kindness today .  I am including a note below from Peggie Staib… this is in memory of her sister….. and she invited me on facebook to her event to spread kindness to others I happily joined and asked my own friends and family to help make a difference. I would like you to read Peggie’s note …

If you feel you would like to donate a box of GOOD NITES extra large girl size or you have coupons I will collect them and give them to Laura Grable for the staff….

Thank you for taking the time to read this … it will make a difference in a student’s life in this district…

Dear Friends,

April 7th marks my sister, Nancy’s 50th birthday. I’d like to think that she is hanging out on some heavenly hammock content and fulfilled! Each year, on both her anniversary and her birthday, I post something on Facebook simply asking that we all perform one random act of kindness in her memory. I think it is the very best way to honor her. This year I am asking that your act of kindness be somewhat less random. For the past few years, our good friend Laura Grable has been acting as an advocate for a little girl who was born into this world multiply handicapped. This little girl has faced many challenges, yet Laura is always amazed by her resilience. As a second grader, she is thriving in a special education setting within the Riverhead school district, in spite of her numerous handicapping conditions.

As her advocate, Laura has not only supported her mother at CSE meetings, but she has been providing transportation and support for her mother to get her to numerous doctors’ appointments, some even outside of the Riverhead area. One of the things Laura has taken on to support this little girl and her family is buying the diapers that she must wear. As you can imagine, this expense adds up for her family and we all know that Laura and Danny Grable are always willing to help anyone in need. To make a long story short I am hoping that, in honor of Nancy’s 50th birthday, we could each purchase a box of diapers OR collect coupons whenever we see them to pass on to Laura. Laura, of course, would NEVER ask for anyone to help with this. Everything she does for this little girl comes from her heart and she seeks no acknowledgment from anyone. I am sure she will be surprised and grateful for this act of kindness, especially knowing it offered in Nancy’s memory.

Thank you for considering this very special act of kindness in celebration of Nancy’s 50th!


After receiving this email, the staff collected enough money to purchase 16 boxes of diapers and a case of wipes!

Submitted by Xiomara White!

New NYSUT President

The NYSUT Representative Assembly (RA) was held this weekend in NYC. The RA is the gathering of the delegates from each NYSUT local across the state. At the RA, delegates debate and vote on proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws, proposed resolutions and other business. Representing the RCFA at the RA were your NYSUT delegates–Lisa Goulding, Catherine Kent, Donna Verbeck, and former RCFA president Barbara Barosa.

This year, the big news is that for the first time in 9 years, NYSUT has a new President! Karen Magee, the President of Harrison Teachers Association, defeated Dick Ianuzzi in a heated election. Karen ran with a slate of candidates, on the platform of Reviving NYSUT. The slate included NYSUT Executive Vice President -Andy Pallotta, Catalina Fortino(Vice President) from UFT, Patchogue Medford President- Paul Pecorale( Vice President), and former president of the Schoharie Teachers’ Association- Martin Messner(Secretary-Treasurer). This should prove to be interesting times, as the entire slate was elected and according to the NYSUT bylaws, take office immediately.
First Woman To Head NYSUT Promises To Be Strong Voice For Change

The delegates voted “no confidence” in the policies of State Education Commissioner John King Jr. and called for his immediate removal by the Board of Regents.
NYSUT Votes No Confidence In King

And in what is a first for the RCFA, a resolution, “The Truth About the Modules” written by Donna Verbeck, (a 4th grade teacher at Roanoke and NYSUT Delegate) was unanimously adopted. This is the first time that a resolution written by an RCFA members was submitted to be voted on at the RA. The districts listed under “submitted by” are the other districts that signed on to support Donna’s resolution. Check your email for the copy of the resolution.

Riverhead Teacher Receives Scope Award

Congratulations to Vanessa Williams!  Vanessa is the Literacy Coach at Aquebogue.

Vanessa and Tony Williams

Here is what Principal Phil Kent had to say about Vanessa:

Mrs. Vanessa Williams is an extraordinary Literacy Coach at the Aquebogue Elementary School in the Riverhead Central School District.  She places the students’ and teachers’ needs above everything else.  Her instruction for the students and teachers is strictly based on their needs.  Her love of literacy and teaching permeates throughout our building and influences all teachers, staff members, and students to reach for higher standards.  Vanessa takes great pride in coaching our teachers and staff members and sharing the most updated strategies.  She consistently utilizes a variety of approaches to address the needs of our whole school and influences all to do their very best.  Vanessa puts her heart and soul into her Literacy Coaching craft and every year the students’ and teachers’ working knowledge of literacy increases.  Her coaching, lessons, and building-wide activities are always very well-planned and executed and motivate all to participate and learn.

Annual Latin Banquet News




On the evening of Thursday, March 20, the middle school cafetorium was filled to capacity with hundreds of feasting parents noisily attended by toga-clad tweenies presenting round after round of delicacies to the happy diners.  It was the Roman Banquet – an annual tradition of gustatory overindulgence that goes back generations in our school district.  What the parents and the invited administrators, the nearly one hundred and fifty participating children, and the various other banqueteers did not know, however, was that the evening’s mighty feast was being powered by a team of RCFA volunteers working like rented mules in the middle school kitchen.   As has been the case for as long as there has been a banquet, it was these teachers union members – as well as our CSEA colleagues and some incredibly helpful parents – who generously and quite voluntarily spent the long evening slaving away in the back: shuffling the dozens and dozens of hot and cold platters from the mad rush of their delivery in the late afternoon, through the insanity of the dinner hour and then the dessert course, and the late evening clean up and restoration of the middle school kitchen to its pristine condition in preparation for the next morning’s regular school day breakfast service.   What an effort was put forth by these volunteers! Lorene Custer, Latina Magistra and director of the entire event, was, as always, overwhelmed by the generosity and the stamina of her union colleagues, without whom she could never stage such a vast production. Big thanks especially to Jeff Greenberger as well as to Pat Skura, Sue Arnau, Pat Passanante, Annie Priapi, Kim Birong, Nancy King, Ed Tholl, Kristen Realander, Mindy Benze, and Chris Malanga! As the Romans would say, macte! (bravo! well done!) and many thanks to these RCFA & CSEA members who, often enough year after year, sacrifice a long and grueling evening to keep the proud Riverhead tradition of the RMS Roman Banquet alive and very well, indeed!